Check out for your opportunity to own some of these rare items!
Shemp "solo short" lobbies are one of my favorite collectible, and at the top of the list are Vitaphone cards.  At this point I have substantially more Columbia lobbies, but continue to search for new additions to my collection, including Vitaphone, Columbia, as well as hard to find RKO and WB cards.
One-Sheets often have incredible graphics, and due to their large size (27" x 41") can be nicely displayed as a a part of your home decor.  Vitaphone One-Sheets feature some of the nicest (color) artwork and were created through a process known as "stone lithography" which gives them a unique and "rich" look. Just like their smaller counter-parts, Vitaphone One-Sheets are my favorite of all Shemp posters.
All posters pictured are original and are or were a part of my personal collection.
"The Three Stooges" is a trademark of Comedy III Productions.  "Shemp Howard" is a trademark of the estate of Shemp Howard