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A Fan site dedicated to the most naturally funny of the Stooges.

I have decided to launch this website after 20+ years of collecting Three Stooges memorabilia.  In that time, I developed a huge appreciation and affection for Shemp.  He has been called "the most naturally funny of all of the Stooges".  This distinction was given to him because he pretty much just had to walk on camera to be funny.  From his repertoire of characters including the hilarious "near sighted man" to his somewhat biographic "multi-phobic man", he has been enjoyed for over 70 years.  Although Shemp almost exclusively played humorous roles, his first solo feature appearance in 1935's "Convention Girl", gave us an excellent glimpse into his acting ability.  In Convention Girl, Shemp skillfully played "the heavy", actually shooting one of the main characters at the end of the film.  One of the key reasons for my affection for Shemp is the fact that although he may have been a "Stooge" on screen, he was in fact a true gentleman, and a really nice guy.
This site is starting out as somewhat a gallery of Shemp related images.  It will grow in content as time goes by.
 I hope you enjoy my small tribute to this comedic gem.  
Shemp in a 1930 portrait  
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